At Trinity Commercial Realty, our utmost priority is serving our clients.  The way we do that is through acute attention to customer service. That means paying attention to every detail in order to make the process and experience as close to perfect as possible.  It also means having the proper systems in place so our team can effectively manage each property. Yes, we use property management software that has robust capabilities. However, it’s the hands-on approach the trained team of Trinity Commercial Realty takes to execute the tasks.


By working with short and long-term objectives for ownership, our team is better prepared to develop an operations strategy with the goal of making both tenants and owners happy with their investments. We believe that the right tenants matched with the right terms minimizes exposure and vacancies – while boosting your bottom line.

We have identified the following areas that when given a great deal of attention, will produce the greatest outcome for you:


Trinity Commercial Realty brings safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly buildings to life. Our installation, monitoring, and maintenance services cover the needs of our clients’ buildings from the ground up.


Maintenance means more than just fixing things when they break. It means taking a proactive approach to understanding your property before issues even arise.

  • Keeping things running smoothly

  • Understanding your property’s specific needs

  • Planning ahead to meet those needs

  • Being prepared to respond to the unexpected

  • Overseeing safety

  • Quality management

  • Time management

For more information on how we can help you manage your property, contact: 

George W. Hoover
(440) 821-0203

Trinity Commercial Realty is a Cleveland commercial real estate and property management company.

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